What is Telehealth

Telehealth allows patients to connect with healthcare providers over secure video conferencing. At LifeStance Health, we offer telehealth services for psychiatric and therapy appointments. Although the technology we use is relatively new, patients get the same high-quality care that they would receive through in-office visits.

While telehealth has become widespread recently, we know that many people still have questions about this way of getting care and how it works in mental healthcare settings. Below are answers to questions that we frequently get about this service. If you would like to ask us anything else before booking an appointment, please feel free to contact us so that we can help.

Video Sessions are covered by insurance!

What Benefits Does Telehealth Offer? 

Telehealth appointments give patients the same high-quality care they expect from in-person appointments without the hassle of commuting. Some patients see our providers as often as once per week. Driving to and from the clinic that often can be difficult to fit into a busy schedule. Telehealth makes it easier for patients to get the frequency of care that they need in order to start feeling better. 

Additionally, telehealth allows mental healthcare providers to connect to other people who care about the patient. Our clinicians can chat with the patient and their whole circle of care, including doctors, family, friends, social workers, teachers, and more. 

Does Telehealth Work for Mental Health Disorders?

At LifeStance Health, patient outcomes are our top priority. We use telehealth because it has been proven to be at least as effective in treating mental illness. In some cases, online therapy can be even more effective than in-person appointments. While it’s not clear why, this could be due to patients being able to attend appointments regularly.

Will My Device Work with the Telehealth Program?

Most of today’s internet-connected devices are compatible with our software. You can log on from your tablet, smartphone, or computer with relative ease. However, your device may not work if it does not have an updated operating system or if it is many years old. Your device must run one of the following internet browser applications:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • IE 11
  • IE Edge
  • Internet Browser

If you’re not sure whether your device will allow you to attend telehealth appointments, please contact us.

How Does Insurance Work with Telehealth Appointments?

We accept all major insurance plans. In most cases, insurance providers cover in-person and telehealth appointments in the same way. However, some insurance companies continue to treat these types of visits differently. If you’re not sure about your plan’s coverage, contact your insurance provider before your first telehealth appointment.

Can I See My Mental Healthcare Provider In-Person Too?

As a member of the LifeStance Health family, LifeStance Health has the distinct benefit of offering both online and in-person appointments. You can choose which kind of visit works best in your life. If things change or you want an in-person appointment at any time, just let our office staff know and we will help you.

Is My Information Secure on Telehealth Calls?

We take health information security seriously. That’s why we use HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software for all of our telehealth calls. All data regarding the call is encrypted, including the audio and visual data.