Substance Abuse Counseling

Addiction Counseling is the specialty of helping people recover from their addictions. Our substance abuse counselors provide advice, treatment and ongoing support necessary for addicts to recover. Our counselors work with our team of healthcare professionals to address the physical, mental and emotional eeds of each patient. We work with our patients on various addictive issues, such as eating disorders, prescription drug abuse, all illegal substances and alcohol or tobacco addictions. In general, our substance abuse counselors evaluate, treat and support patients in a one-on-one or group environment. They employ interview techniques and diagnostic tests to determine whether a person is ready for treatment and which therapeutic methods should be used. They help patients set goals, and then they monitor progress on those treatment plans. After offending substances have left the bodies of their patients, counselors help the patients process the experience, by helping them recognize triggers for relapse and how to avoid or cope with situations that once led to substance abuse. Since support is a key aspect of preventing relapse, counselors also refer patients to supplemental services, such as AA, NA. They often involve family members in the recovery process.